Today, our academic community came together for professional development with a theme of diversity and inclusiveness as well as awareness for inclusiveness in the classroom. This is not just for our students but for the benefit of everyone at the university from the staff to the professors. Small changes will go a long way. This […]
Video Games will always hold a special place in my heart. I teach psychology of video games (it’s a useful vehicle to package psychological concepts) and I talk to friends about video games. I also spend a lot of time playing video games on my free time because I grew up in the Silver Age […]
Just a disclaimer, but I have had only minor (read: a little) programming knowledge (e.g., SPSS syntax, a bit of C++, a bit of HTML, and just a brush everything in between) before starting to learn python. Python is becoming famous again due to increasing interests in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. In addition, hobbyists using the […]
In college, I wasn’t a programmer but I was always interested in it. I touched upon a bit of programming (e.g., C++ for psychology in my senior year of undergraduate studies). Fast-forward to today and I am learning Python. I hope to understand a bit of machine learning’s and artificial intelligence’s underpinning. The journey begins […]