Dr. Kaeochinda's Stats Portal

Just getting started in PF744 – Statistics I? You may want to follow my video below and install SPSS.

At the proposal level, you will have to determine the sample size (n) of your study by conducting a power analysis. You will need to know your variables (IV and DV) as well as all grouping. If you have your standardize measurements, it would be best to finalize those before conducting a power analysis. You should also have a well-formed research question and hypothesis/hypotheses before attempting the power analysis. When you’re ready and have all a basic idea of the structure of your study, use GPower to conduct your power analysis.

Of course, more participants is always better!

Basic Statistics Examples

I will be using the following SPSS dataset for the examples below: SPSS SAV File 

(Please note that this data is fabricated and no real participants are depicted)



You can also see the table of content at YouTube to skip to various parts of the video above: https://youtu.be/R-8F7fwB4NI