Dr. K as your Dissertation Methodologist/Statistician

Dr. K has taught statistics and research methodology at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level. His background is developmental psychology with training in item/instrument validation, longitudinal analysis, and big dataset handling (e.g., longitudinal dataset).

Check before you meet with Dr. K

72 hours prior to the (possible) meeting:

You must understand your research topic and be able to explain it. Send a summary (double spaced) about your dissertation that includes the following: 

  • Purpose and rationale of your study.
  • Research questions.
  • Hypotheses
    • Identify the independent and dependent variables and what you would like to do with them.
  • Proposed methods-Chapter 3 portions
    • Be sure to include what is your proposed data source.
    • Be sure to include how you will measure your variables and identify if the measures are evidence-based.
  • Any perceived ethical hurdles.
  • Do not send your full Chapters. A summary is all that necessary.

The consultation meeting with be 30 minutes over Zoom.

Please be sure that you understand that I will not be helping you write your Chapter 3 because that is your task as doctoral candidate. I can only consult and advise on the direction of your analysis, methodology, and statistics.

After the meeting:

  • It is your duty to report accurately to your Department Chair
  • You will send a summary of next steps to you and your Dissertation Chair in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Need a refresher on SPSS and Statistics?