Course Description

This course is intended to provide psychology majors with resources in career planning toward specific post-graduation goals of either seeking psychology-related employment, or applying for graduate school.  The course is designed to facilitate preparation for senior year and the capstone experience, a practicum placement at a psychology-related site (if applicable), and the establishment of a successful work identity and goals.

Number of Units: 4

Prereq: Placement in ENG 112 or equiv.; PSY 150

Term Length: Semester

Textbook: Kuther, Tara. (2019) The Psychology Major’s Handbook (5th Ed)* *3rd and 4th edition works as well

Please note: the information above is provided as an overview. Updated and accurate information will be provided via My.Marymount and the course catalogues.

Week 1 - Intro

Week 1’s focus is to get everyone started on future-focused thinking including post-graduation careers and graduate school potentials.

Week 2 - Values and Assessment

Week 2’s focus is on personal assessment (e.g., career assessment, interest assessment, etc.) and critical thinking of personal core values. Remember, your core values will remain constant even with changes in job and schools.

Week 3 - Interests and Skills

Week 3 continues the work of Week 2 on interests and skills to help you narrow your focus on future career prospects and graduate studies.

Week 5 - Internships and Practica

Week 5’s guest speaker from the Center for Academic and Professional Success center will help answer questions that you may have on internships, practica on campus, and job-hunting preparations.

Week 6 - Organization

Week 6’s focus is on organization but with key focus on technology. Staying up-to-date with cloud computing and online back-up, you will learn value organizational skills for a world that is becoming more virtual and connected.

Week 7 - Goal-Setting

Week 7’s focus is on goal-setting for short and long-term career and professional development.

Week 8 - Professional Writing

Week 8’s focus is professional communication that includes resume/CV writing and correspondence via email and traditional forms.

Week 9 - Cover Letter and Intro to Interviewing

Week 9’s focus is the initial interviewing process (for both graduate schools and jobs) that includes customizing cover letters per school/organization.

Week 10 - RoadMap

Week 10’s focus is creating a viable Road Map for the next year or two using all that you have learned during the semester. Remember, writing something down will increase your chances of starting!

Week 11 - Graduate School Application

Week 11’s focus is on the graduate school application process and what to expect and prepare for it.

Week 12 - Job Hunting

Week 12 will cover the job hunting process including online applications and what to expect at each stage of the hiring process.

Week 13 - One-on-One Meetings

Every student’s pathway is different. Week 13 is a one-on-one meeting with Dr. K on your career/grad school prospect as well as your plans after. Let’s take a 360-degree view of your RoadMap and the next few years of your career.

Week 14 - Post-graduate

Remember, you have a holiday week before this week (included in the 16 week timetable). Week 14 focuses on the time directly after graduation and what to expect for the summer and beyond.

Week 15 - That's a wrap!

Week 15’s focus is wrapping up your portfolio, RoadMap, and answer any lingering questions you may have on career and graduate school.