To the class of 2022, congratulations. You may be the first class in three years, who will be celebrating graduation in a semi-normal fashion. This includes more family and friends in the audience and more in-person celebration (even if it’s mostly outdoors). I’m sure the administration and staff will try to keep it as safe as possible, but you and your family and friends will ultimately help contribute to the safety of those around you. We are a community on campus, and I’m proud of it. Your hard work during these past 4 years is coming to an end and the next chapter in life will open.

You may be mixed in emotion with excitement and anxiousness but know that you are armed with the critical thinking skills and foundation that will carry you forward.

If I had to give a bit of advice to the graduating class, I would say this: continue to be a student for life. That’s it. Love learning and never stop learning. I do not mean that you must go to graduate school, but that you should not think that your education stops at graduation. Read. Be curious. Learn a new skill. Keep your mind active and your mental tools sharpened as you enter the adult world of paying mortgages, working, and starting a family. Just as you exercise your body to keep it fit, your mind deserves just as much mental exercise to remain sharp. For those of you who consider yourself practical, think of the mental tool set as professional development. The more you learn, the better you’ll be in the job market. For those who consider yourself free spirits, you can only find more truths about yourself as you continue to learn. Think of each skill as unlocking a part of your self and discovering what you may love.

Congratulations again, class of 2022. Please remain students for life.

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